MiRobot featured in The Daily Beast

The Robotic Dairy Farms Paving the Way for Big Milk

“Once robots will be doing the hard work, I’ll be a better farmer. I’ll have more time … to look [the cows] in the eyes, speak to them, and, in turn, bring me a better profit.”

By Shira Rubin, The Daily Beast (13 November 2017)

KFAR CHASIDIM, Israel–From the roadside, this 800-acre dairy farm is indistinguishable from the dozens of others that dot this bucolic stretch of northern Israel.

Model of MiRobot product

MiRobot is developing the next-generation automatic robotic milking system for cost-effective, high-performance milking in medium and large dairy farms. Photo: MiRobot

But nestled among the 300 mooing cows and the hustling farmhands is the MiRobot startup, which in a stark, one-room laboratory is seeking to modernize this agricultural space by almost completely eliminating its humans, stools, and tin buckets from the cow milking process.


The MiRobot, designed for the large-scale robotic farms holding many hundreds, or even thousands, or cows, does not resemble the Jetsons-style Rosie the Maid, but is instead a spat of durable plastic arms fashioned for being stepped on by the 1,000-pounders, and ready for use at any time of day or night.

Read the full article on The Daily Beast.

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