Metabolic Robots Receives U.S. Patent for On-Demand Poultry Feeding System

Metabolic Robots, a Trendlines Agtech portfolio company, announced it has received a U.S. patent for its automated, on-demand poultry feeding system.

The patent covers the advanced livestock feed-delivery system and method for automatically dispensing feed to poultry within a livestock housing. The Metabolic system uses proprietary algorithms to automatically calibrate and dispense feed (frequency and volume), according to actual livestock demand. More precise control of feed frequency and volume lowers flock stress in poultry houses.

Metabolic’s CEO Ziv Dubinsky, said: “This great news places the future of smart animal feeding in agriculture in our hands. Metabolic Robots is committed to improving poultry house operations for increased efficiency while improving animal welfare as a recognized growing industry concern.”

Metabolic Robots poultry feeding system

The advanced poultry feed-delivery system developed by Metabolic Robots calibrates and dispenses feed according to actual flock demand.

Operated by a master controller, the system is designed with an easy-to-use touch screen. Data is collected from standard sensors placed in the feeding trays, then analyzed and compiled into reports the farmer can access on a computer, tablet, or mobile device. The controller supports wireless, cloud-based or cellular data communication. Additionally, the Metabolic system integrates into any existing or new feeding system.

The patent recognizes the Metabolic Robots’ invention as a delivery method for improving livestock growth, livestock feed utilization, quality of meat, quality of life, and vitality; increasing metabolism; reducing disease; increasing livestock yield; and optimizing livestock care.

Improving animal welfare, minimizing the need for antibiotics to control disease, and improving sustainably are fast becoming concerns that the poultry industry is under pressure to address. The Metabolic Robots’ real-time access to data and alerts about feeding patterns provide the farmer with information that can assist in disease prevention, lowering mortality rates, decreased use of antibiotics, and improved flock health.

Dubinsky adds, “We are confident that receiving the U.S. patent will pave the way for the EU patent by the end of this year.”

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