Maya Schushan Orgad, PhD

VP Bayer Trendlines Ag Innovation Fund, VP Trendlines Agtech

Maya Schushan Orgad, PhD

Maya Schushan Orgad, PhD, VP Bayer Trendlines Ag Innovation Fund, VP Trendlines Agtech

Maya Schushan Orgad brings over six years of multidisciplinary experience that combines a broad science and technology background with project management, strategy, and business development.

Prior to joining Trendlines, Maya led entry into new areas of activities at Evogene, a leading, publicly traded biotech company involved in agtech, in which she served as director of business development. As part of her role, she identified new business opportunities, formulated business plans and entry strategies, led fundraising via grants, performed technology scouting efforts, and established multiple strategic collaboration deals with 1st tier agriculture companies.

Previously, she completed a PhD in computational biology in the Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Department at the Life Sciences Faculty of Tel Aviv University, graduating magne cum laude. Her PhD consisted of multiple international collaborative research projects in Israel and abroad, resulting in 10 publications in top-tier journals.

She also served as a scientific consultant in the Life Science Faculty Bioinformatics Unit, leading consulting research projects and workshops for both academia and industry. She received her MBA in Technology, Entrepreneurship and Innovation and a BSc in life sciences, both from Tel Aviv University.



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