Magdent Raises $800,000

Editor’s note: Magdent’s raise was reported in Medgadget and The Times of Israel (both in English) and Funder and GeekTime (both in Hebrew).

Magdent announced the completion of a financing round totaling approximately $800,000 that the company will use to advance development and pursue marketing and sales.

Magdent, a company focused on innovations in the dental field, has developed a specialized healing cap for dental implants that utilizes an electromagnetic field to stimulate and improve bone formation surrounding the implant.

Today’s implants rely on the use of a titanium cap attached to the implant to stabilize the gums for several months, until the surrounding bone integrates with the implant. The Magdent device uses the same cap structure as conventional implants but integrates miniature electronics (battery and coil) to create the electromagnetic field.

Electromagnetic fields are well known for orthopedic treatments — healing complicated bone fractures by encouraging the creation of bone-building cells. Additionally, they are used to stimulate the creation of anti-inflammatory cells in the body. For dental implants, electromagnetic fields shorten the time to transplant integration by two-thirds and significantly increase the quality and quantity of bone around the implant. With these advantages, dental implants present a viable treatment option for patients who may not otherwise be candidates: heavy smokers (whose jawbone integration drops significantly), diabetics, and patients suffering from osteoporosis (thinning bone) or other bone diseases.

Dr. Shlomo Barak, a specialist in maxillofacial and oral surgery, and founder and CEO of Magdent, said: “Professor Fiatli Adriano from Italy completed extensive preclinical trials for the company that examined the bone surrounding the implants. After assessing the CT imaging, the results demonstrated increased bone and bone density around the implants. The results were published in international literature. This is a very significant milestone for the technology we developed. We are happy with the promising results, which allow us to market the product, as well as to progress in future research and development. The unique technology we have developed will change the medical approach to dental implant treatment and to the treatment of infections following implant surgery.”

Magdent’s product is patented in the United States, has European regulatory certification (CE), and is being marketed in several countries.

Magdent Raises First $800K for Its New Electromagnetic Dental Implant Technology

By Iris Kulbatski, Medgadget (1 April 2016)

The market for dental implants is well-established and extensive. However, the process of implant integration into the jawbone may be lengthy and in some cases unsuccessful due to bone deterioration and insufficient bone mass.  An Israeli medical technology start-up namedMagdent has developed a novel electromagnetic dental implant to address these issues.  The miniaturized electromagnetic device (MED) is comprised of a battery-driven cap that sits on top of the implant post and emits pulsed electromagnetic energy, enabling faster bone integration and strengthening surrounding bone, according to milestone preclinical studies.

Magdent recently announced that it has raised $800,000 in start-up funds to further develop and obtain regulatory approvals for its new electromagnetic dental implant technology.  Read the full article on Medgadget.

Start-up’s ‘motor mouth’ tech makes dental implants easier to swallow

By David Shamah, The Times of Israel (28 March 2016)

Using electromagnetic technology, Israel’s Magdent finds a way to enhance success rates in a complicated dental surgery procedure

Once, individuals who lost some or all of their teeth would be outfitted with dentures – but in a society that values youth and shuns appurtenances of old age, periodontists are having a field day installing dental implants to replace missing teeth.

To help things along, an Israeli medical technology firm called Magdent has developed an electromagnetic-based technology that, according to studies by the company and research in the bone field, can considerably speed up the osseointegration process and improve bone quality in patients who are having trouble getting their implants in place. Read the full article on The Times of Israel.

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