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Start-Up Spotlight: MagDent, Electromagnetic Healing Cap For Dental Implants

By Bob Kronemyer, Medtech Insight (18 August 2016)

Magdent healing cap device

The Magdent miniaturized electromagnetic device (MED) incorporates a battery, microelectronics, and a coil. It fits most implant models incorporates a battery, microelectronics, and a coil.

Israeli start-up MagDent Ltd. has developed a miniaturized electromagnetic healing cap designed to stimulate and improve bone formation at the site of dental implants.

The first step in replacing missing teeth with a dental implant is an incision into the jawline where the crown is to be eventually placed. This is followed by creation of a small entry hole, then insertion of a screw inside the jawbone to allow the bone around the screw to grow and hold the screw tight, a process that takes several months. During this initial procedure, a small healing cap, which looks like a spark plug, is also threaded inside the original screw, with the top of the cap residing above the gum line. The purpose of a traditional healing cap is to let the gum heal in a circular shape to minimize further surgery.

But a new healing cap from Israel-based MagDent Ltd. stimulates and improves bone formation as well, thanks to miniature electronics within the cap that create an electromagnetic field around the implant screw. The miniaturized electromagnetic device called MED is shaped the same as a normal healing cap and threads inside the first screw the same way, either manually or with a wrench. According to company chief operating officer Elad Yakobson, the bone grows three times faster with MED than with a standard healing cap, for a total healing period of one to two months rather than the standard three to six months. Then, in a follow-up procedure, the healing cap is exchanged with a third screw to anchor a new crown affixed over the first screw.

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