Eran Feldhay: “What We Can Learn from Recent Transactions in Biomed”

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Entrepreneurship in the Biomedical Market in the Era of Large Acquisitions

By Eran Feldhay, M.D., CEO, Trendlines Medical

Trendlines Med CEO Eran Feldhay

Trendlines Medical CEO Eran Feldhay

The pharmaceutical and medical device markets have seen a multitude of start-ups, but without additional assistance, a breakthrough idea is still no guarantee of success 

In recent years, we’ve seen huge mergers between competitors. Here are a few prominent examples: Medical equipment giant Medtronic acquired competitor Covidien for $42.9 billion, Zimmer acquired control of orthopedic equipment manufacturer Biomet for $13.4 billion, and Allergan announced the sale of its generics unit to Teva Pharmaceuticals for $40.5 billion.

Transactions, mergers, and acquisitions of huge sums in the biomedical, pharmaceutical, and medical device markets are indeed nothing new, but we can learn more about changes and trends in the industry from these recent transactions. The emerging trend reduces the number of medium and large companies and “transfers” control in the market to mega-companies. This development in turn changes the face of the market, so companies, particularly those just starting their activities, need to align their management concept, organizational infrastructure, technology development, and business model to maximize the possibility of a merger, acquisition, IPO, or future exit.

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