Nitza Kardish: “The Great Challenge Facing Humanity — and the Israel Connection”

Ed. note: The original article was published on ynet in Hebrew.

By Nitza Kardish, Ph.D., Trendlines Agtech CEO

Trendlines Agtech CEO Nitza Kardish

Trendlines Agtech CEO Nitza Kardish, Ph.D.

The huge gap between the quantity and quality of food required and available today and what will be necessary for the future, will be closed only through technology. Israel has the ability and knowledge to become the “Agritech Valley” of the world

The world’s population has grown at a dizzying pace: In 1960, the world had some 3 billion people; in 2005, 6.5 billion; and by 2030 it is estimated there will be more than 8.3 billion people living on Earth. However, while the amount of food consumed is increasing, the amount of resources required to produce food — land, water, energy, and more — is reduced. The enormous challenge currently facing global agriculture is not having the right tools.

According to Dr. Fred Davis, an expert from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), lack of water, energy, and land will lead to food shortages that will suffice for all 9 billion people expected to live on Earth by 2050, which in a few decades will lead to a global conflict. According to The World Bank, the amount of land (cultivable) fell by 30% in just 50 years; and by 2025, approximately 40% of the world population will suffer from a shortage of water. Rising food prices over the past decade attests to validity of this data.

Many governments have reached the understanding they must invest significant resources as soon as possible to deal with the challenge. The private sector is also starting to understand the need to develop advanced agricultural technologies to provide food for “residents of the world” in the near and distant future and are directing more resources for these purposes.

Read the full article on ynet (Hebrew).

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