May 24, 2018

CEO, Agtech Portfolio Company

Primary Responsibilities

  • Managing the company, putting together a team, and locating/selecting the relevant subcontractors
  • Formulating (in coordination with management and legal teams) the company’s incorporation documents, and writing and presenting them for the purpose of raising funds and seeking investments
  • Working (in coordination with others) on the definition of and characterization of the product
  • Overseeing overall development and integrating subcontractors and product testing in the field
  • Overseeing business development (for example, market analysis, business plan), fund-raising (for example, relationships with potential investors and partners), and marketing (for example, company website, advertising materials)
  • Managing the company’s finances, monitoring the cash flow, planning and controlling the budget
  • Developing the company’s intellectual property (in coordination with relevant legal teams)
  • Working according to the procedures of the Israel Innovation Authority’s Technology Incubator Program procedures

Skills & Experience

  • At least five years of experience in managing and leading complex projects
  • Experience in fish breeding/marine biology, a significant advantage
  • Experience in raising funds, a significant advantage
  • Experience in managing an incubator or start-up company in the field, including in the business development stage, a significant advantage
  • Technological background
  • Experience in business development and working with subcontractors



How To Apply

The company is located in the Misgav Industrial Park.
Send CV to Hagit Lerner.

A Trendlines Agtech portfolio company seeks a CEO for a company involved in marine agriculture (aquaculture).

Career Categories

Trendlines Portfolio Companies

About Our Company

The Trendlines Group is an innovation commercialization company. Trendlines invents, discovers, invests in, and incubates innovation-based medical and agricultural technologies. As intensely hands-on investors, we are involved in all aspects of our portfolio companies from technology development to business building. Simply stated, we create and develop companies to improve the human condition.
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