Interview with Todd Dollinger Appears in Asia Fund Space

Editor’s note: This article was reprinted on etnet news.

Interview: TRENDLINES Founder Says Doing Good Makes For Good Business

By Andrew Van Buren, Asia Fund Space (26 October 2016)

Members of the Asia Fund Space and Chinese delegation are joined by Trendlines' Debbie Yerushalmy and Todd Dollinger (center) during their visit to Trendlines' offices in Misgav, Israel.

Members of the Asia Fund Space and Chinese delegation are joined by Trendlines’ Debbie Yerushalmy and Todd Dollinger (center) during their visit to Trendlines’ offices in Misgav, Israel.

ISRAEL’S TOP incubator of startups, The Trendlines Group Ltd (SGX: TTGL), is motivated by a desire to improve the human condition – notably in the areas of medical and agricultural technology – and if that also translates into a highly successful and profitable business undertaking for its investors, then all the better, a top executive told Asia Fund Space.

Asia Fund Space along with a group of Greater China investors were recently invited for a weeklong visit to the Singapore listco’s facilities and its portfolio companies’ venues in Israel for an in-depth look at how an incubator of innovative startups operates and thrives.

Asia Fund Space: Your professional background has clearly informed your current top executive level position, and there seems to be a “trend” if you will to your founding and now co-chairing Trendlines Group.

Your ability from an early age to recognize a market niche/unmet demand, start up a response to such a need, and then exit at the opportune time mirrors the general mission of Trendlines Group today.

Early examples of this in your professional resume include your involvement with a tropical fish import and breeding business – at the time you were just beginning high school – as well as your second startup and eventual exit – a concert promotion operation.

With this career path in mind, was it a bit of an adjustment “settling down” as it were as a top executive with an established firm – Trendlines Group – which will hopefully be around for a long, long time and you opted to stay as co-chairman of, even after its “exit” in the form of a Singapore IPO in November of last year?

Mr. D. Todd Dollinger, Co-Founder, Co-Chairman & Co-CEO of The Trendlines Group Ltd; Trendlines Medical Chairman:

Your question points clearly to the common thread running through these activities: entrepreneurial drive and perceived opportunity.

Since high school, I’ve been involved in identifying, establishing and building “new things.”

And all of this work – all of the businesses that I’ve been involved in building – has been with partners.

The fact is, there has not been and will not be any “settling down” in our business activities – we are entrepreneurs.

The Trendlines Group was established in what is surely the center of the world for exciting and fastest moving innovation and entrepreneurship: Israel.

We are now taking what we have learned through decades of business building in Israel, beyond Israel, toseek opportunities and develop businesses to improve the human condition in other countries – Singapore first.

Every day of the week, we review new investment opportunities and work with our partners to build businesses that truly help people live better lives.

My Trendlines Group co-founder, Steve Rhodes, and I share a vision for improving lives through innovation in healthcare and agricultural technologies, and every exit is a doorway to a new place.

Read the full interview on Asia Fund Space.

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