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Hargol FoodTech appeared in a number of recent publications.

The market for alternative-protein products

Economist logoThe Economist (4 February 2017)
Around 2bn people eat insects already, but few of them are Westerners. Changing that could be a hard sell. Grind the bugs up and use them as ingredients, though, and your customers might find them more palatable. Hargol FoodTech, an Israeli startup, plans to do just that. Locustburgers, anybody? Read the full article on The Economist.

How Would You Like Your Grasshopper?

The Jerusalem Post logoEd. note: This article appeared in The Jerusalem Post in French, “Quand Israël Veut Nourrir le Monde” (5 February 2017).

By Bernard Dichek

Hargol FoodTech grasshoppers

Israeli food and agriculture start-ups are improving the quality and quantity of food available in the developed and developing worlds

Dror Tamir likes his grasshoppers fried. “The best way to cook them is to just add salt and fry them with a bit of oil, like you were frying fish or shrimp,” says the founder of Hargol FoodTech, which has developed an innovative way to commercially raise grasshoppers.

Hargol FoodTech is one of several Israeli start-ups that have invented technologies aimed at improving the quality and quantity of food available in the developed and developing worlds.
Dror Tamir’s interest in grasshoppers began about three years ago, when he researched alternate sources of protein as part of the program for Plate my Meal, a company he founded to combat obesity in children. When he learned that grasshoppers, which are 70% protein, offer a healthy and sustainable source of nutrition and that more than 2.5 billion people in the world were already consuming insect-based foods, he hit upon the idea of founding a company that could produce grasshoppers in an efficient way. Read the full article.

design mate logoSeven Bold: Food, Design, and Innovation from Israeli Start-Ups

Ed. note: This article was originally published in Russian. 

By Vladimir Gridin, Design Mate (30 January 2017)

At the festival, Open Restaurants in Jerusalem held a summit of culinary innovation. Several companies presented innovative food products and developments in the field of food design. We chose the most interesting. Read the full article on Design Mate (Russian).

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