Gordian Surgical Begins First-in-Human Trials

Portfolio company Gordian Surgical, recently began first-in-human (FIH) trials with its TroClose1200 ™, an innovative trocar with an integrated closure mechanism for the safe, easy, and effective suturing of incisions in the abdominal wall during laparoscopic surgery. The Company has performed 13 successful procedures in Israel and India to date.

The Gordian Surgical TroClose1200™ device

The Gordian Surgical TroClose1200™ device

Gordian Surgical’s TroClose 1200 is used to open the abdomen to insert optical and other surgical tools at the start of the procedure. Its integrated closure system delivers “two in one” functionality to also allow for closing incisions; however, instead of inserting the sutures in a time-consuming process at the end of the procedure, using the device’s uniquely designed release mechanism, sutures are inserted into the tissue at the beginning of the procedure. The sutures are anchored to remain in place throughout the operation and incisions are closed almost automatically on removal of the TroClose1200.

Gordian completed product development in 2016 and started its FIH trials in Israel (Poriya Medical Center and Carmel Medical Center) and in India (Asian Bariatrics Hospital, Hyderabad). To date, thirteen laparoscopic procedures were performed using the TroClose1200, including hysterectomy, cholecystectomy (gallbladder removal), hernia repair, and sleeve gastrectomy.

Dr. Nissim Geron, Director of Surgery, Poriya Medical Center, Israel (and Gordian’s Medical Director), said: “The innovative device functioned  very well and allowed for closure of incisions that would have been very difficult to perform without the use of Gordian’s product. The product is safe, user-friendly and represents an important breakthrough in laparoscopic surgery.”

Dr. Surendra Ugale, experienced laparoscopic surgeon, India, remarked: “I am extremely satisfied with the TroClose1200. The device demonstrated excellent performance and would be a great asset for any bariatric surgery, most especially on morbidly obese patients.”

Gordian CEO Zvi Pe’er adds: “We are very pleased with the results of Gordian’s product so far, and, are planning further procedures and follow-up trials to confirm the product’s functionality. Undoubtedly, successful clinical trials will advance Gordian to the next level.”

Gordian Surgical has raised approximately $3 million in investments from The Trendlines Group, Pirveli Ventures (a Canadian foundation operating in Israel), Virtus Inspire Ventures – a Chinese fund, and private investors, including renowned Israeli and U.S. surgeons.

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