Fidmi Medical in The Times of Israel

Israeli startup creates user-friendly, cost-saving feeding tube

Fidmi Medical says its device can take some of the complexity and unpleasantness out of the procedure
By Shoshanna Solomon, The Times of Israel (22 February 2017)

Fidmi Medical low-profile feeding device

Fidmi Medical’s low-profile feeding tube

Israeli startup Fidmi Medical has developed a feeding tube that is easier to insert, making the procedure less complicated and saving on hospital costs. It also makes it easier on the patient for what is often an unpleasant procedure.

For those who can’t get enough food or liquids by mouth — such as those who have suffered a stroke or have a neurodegenerative disease like Parkinson’s — feeding tubes are usually inserted through the esophagus via an endoscopic procedure, and then connected to the source of the feed through a small hole in the stomach of the patient. These small tubes, however, are prone to complications — they are sometimes dislodged, causing pain and requiring urgent hospital care and the placement of a new tube. They can also clog and degrade.

“Insertion of a feeding tube is always a difficult adjustment for the patient first and foremost, as well as for the family and caregivers,” said Shahar Millis, CEO of Fidmi Medical. “The name of the game is to minimize complications and the unpleasant experiences related to tube insertion.”

Read the full article on The Times of Israel.

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