The Secret of Success: Not Just Math and Science

Editor’s notes: The original article appeared on People & Computers and StartIsrael (Hebrew). In Israeli high schools, five points represents the highest number of study units for certain academic subjects. 

The Secret of Success: Not Just Studying Mathematics

By Eran Feldhay, M.D., CEO Trendlines Medical

Trendlines Medical CEO Eran Feldhay

Trendlines Medical CEO Eran Feldhay

Taking five points in mathematics is good, but for start-ups, the path to success also goes through the social sciences and humanities, which give entrepreneurs the skills they need

Israel’s Ministry of Education, led by Education Minister Naftali Bennett, recently introduced an all-encompassing media campaign to encourage teens to dive deeply into the fields of science, mathematics, and physics. The campaign’s slogan is “to give a five to high-tech.”

The rationale behind the move to motivate students to dive deeply into studying “realistic” subjects like math and science is that it will open the door to academic studies in engineering and high-tech in leading educational institutions, and direct talented people toward a bright future in advanced technology.

However, the “seeds” of the greatest opportunities for success do not necessarily germinate by taking five units of mathematics. To take aim at the goal and not miss requires a more complex and challenging entry ticket.

As the CEO of a technology incubator, accompanying early-stage start-ups from initial concept through to product development to commercialization and exits, I think the picture of success in high-tech is multifaceted and much more colorful. Success demands not just technology and science, but many other skills from disciplines in the humanities and social sciences.

Read the full article on People & Computers or StartIsrael (Hebrew).

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