EdenShield Featured on The Huffington Post and Green Prophet

Ed. note: A version of this article appeared on Green Prophet, “How Agtech Is Going to Pot” (September 23, 2014).

How Cannabis Tech Will Push Better Food Production Forward

Karin Kloosterman, The Huffington Post

“The tide is turning on American cannabis laws. More and more states are opting for medicinal and recreational use of marijuana and whether you are for or against it, there is an interesting effect: technologies being applied for growing cannabis will help make our planet make better food.

“Take the Israeli startup EdenShield. The company has taken a special desert plant growing in Israel, Sinai and Jordan, and produces from it natural compounds that repels insects. The plant has evolved special natural chemicals to protect it from being eaten in the harsh desert climate. Think nose plugs for bugs.

“While traditional farmers may be slow to adopt EdenShield’s natural extracts, grown and extracted in Israel and then used on netting in the field or applied in the greenhouse, large grow operations for medical cannabis have been taking note.”


“EdenShield’s products which can also be applied onto a crop in the case of roses, is particularly important for the medical marijuana business where customers and regulations are demanding the decreased use of pesticides — who wants to smoke or ingest chemicals that can’t be washed off?”


“EdenShield thinks its product could be especially great for Canadian grow operations where almost all large licensed facilities it seems are indoors: ‘Indoors our product is much more durable. For us the medical cannabis direction is a good fit,’ says [Yaniv] Kitron, [EdenShield’s CEO].”

Read the full article on The Huffington Post.

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