Eddy Wang

Director, Trendlines China Office

Eddy Wang Dir. Trendlines China

Eddy Wang, Director, Trendlines China Office

Wang Yi (Eddy) brings experience in business development and marketing to help overseas companies penetrate the Chinese market.

As the Director of Trendlines China Office, Eddy introduces Chinese investors and industrial partners to The Trendlines Group, its portfolio companies, and Trendlines Labs; conducts and promotes Trendlines events held in China and in Israel; develops and maintains relationships with key contacts from the private and public sectors in China.

Prior to stating his work in Trendlines, Eddy served as Director of the International Department of HTIBI, which is an international incubator managed by Beijing Science and Technology Commission. He was Sales Manager of the Corporate Clients Division at Air China Northern Distribution and Manager of the Personal Financial Consultant Department of AXA Insurance China and an Experiment Technician of Wild Animal Pathology Institution at the University of Saskatchewan (Canada).

Eddy holds a B.Sc. (honors) in environment studies and GIS (Geography Information System) from the University of Saskatchewan (Canada).


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