D. Todd Dollinger

The Trendlines Group Chairman and CEO

Chairman and CEO Todd Dollinger

Trendlines Group Chairman and CEO Todd Dollinger

Todd Dollinger brings decades of entrepreneurial experience to Trendlines.

He serves as the Chairman of Trendlines Medical Singapore and as Investment Committee chair of Trendlines Incubators Israel. As well, Todd is a director and chairman of a number of Trendlines’ portfolio companies. He founded The Trendlines Group with Steve Rhodes in 2007 and shares the positions of Chairman and CEO of Trendlines with Steve. Together, they lead the Group’s strategy.

The Start of Trendlines

In 1991, Todd joined the marketing department of Israeli medical device start-up SRD Medical and went on to become SRD’s CEO. It was at SRD that Todd met Steve.

In 1993, Todd and Steve founded Trendlines International. Under their leadership, Trendlines International grew to become one of Israel’s leading business development consulting firms. They merged the principal consulting activities of Trendlines International into the Group in 2008.

Under the strength of their longstanding partnership, Todd and Steve oversaw the Singapore Stock Exchange IPO in 2015, took two companies public on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (E.T.View Medical and FlowSense Medical), and expanded the Group’s activities internationally, including raising funds for Trendlines’ portfolio companies around the world.

A Born Entrepreneur

Some would say that Todd was born with the entrepreneurial gene, starting a tropical fish import and breeding business when he was 15. While a student at the University of Missouri-Kansas City, he established a concert promotion company. His passion for bringing ideas to market led him to launch Trendlines, Inc., (in the United States) with his brother Mark in 1978, providing sales, marketing, and business development services in the United States. Todd served as Trendlines’ president until 1990 when he sold his interest to Mark and moved to Israel with his family.

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