CEO Lenore Shoham and CTO Gal Dvorkin of InPlant Technologies featured in AgFunder article

Women In Agtech: CEO and CTO of InPlant Technologies

By Emma Cosgrove, AgFunderNews (14 August 2017)

InPlant Technologies is a biotech startup intending to “improve the efficiency of agrochemicals and fertilizer, ultimately allowing the farmer to achieve better outcomes with smaller amounts of chemicals,” said founder Lenore Shoham from the stage at the Israeli Incubator Trendlines Agtech‘s Annual Company Showcase in March.

Lenore Shoham

Lenore Shoham, CEO of Inplant Technologies

Lenore was the vice president for new ventures at Trendlines Agtech until she “fell in love” with the InPlant technology and stepped into the role of CEO at the one-year-old startup. Shoham equates the uptake of agrochemicals in the field to a nicotine patch – the efficacy depends on the nicotine actually circulating in the body.

InPlant’s technology facilitates penetration of of agrochemical components into the plant’s “transport system” to be distributed.

Shoham says that many agrochemicals don’t move well in the plant. InPlant’s solution comes from medical drug delivery technology wherein liposomes are used to facilitate better absorption of pharmaceuticals. InPlant uses liposomes, small balls of fatty acids, to do the same thing for agrochemicals.

InPlant Technologies is a largely female team, with the inventor of the technology, Dr. Avi Schroeder, the only man on the founding team of five.

When we reached out to Shoham requesting an interview for our “Women in Agtech” series, she insisted we interview her CTO as well who has her own uniquely Israeli story of arriving in the agtech field. So here is first, an interview with Shoham herself (LS) followed by an interview with InPlant Technologies CTO Gal Dvorkin (GD).

Read the full interviews here.


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