BiPS Health Wins Trendlines Medtech Open 2017

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BiPS Health is developing a wearable medical device to monitor vital signs from the finger, including blood pressure. The company took first place among 50 applicants.

The company was profiled in the Times of Israel. “Israeli startup looks to develop blood pressure wrist monitor.”

At a ceremony held at the Israel Export Institute on 25 May, Trendlines Medical VP New Ventures Yuval Almougy, VP New Ventures for Trendlines Medical, announced BiPH Health as the winner of the Trendlines Medtech Open 2017, a competition for early-stage medical companies. BiPS CEO Ran Keren accepted the first-place prize of $54,000 ($10,000 in cash plus a package of professional services) from Yuval and Trendlines Chairman and CEO Steve Rhodes.

The Trendlines Medtech Open is a competition designed for start-up companies and early-stage entrepreneurs developing breakthrough medical technologies that meet an unresolved clinical need and demonstrate large potential for global commercialization.

Medtech Open winner 2017

Trendlines Medical VP New Ventures Yuval Almougy and CEO and Chairman Steve Rhodes present Trendlines Medtech Open winner BiPS Health CEO Ran Keren with a check for $54,000.

Yuval commented, “We are very pleased to award the prize to a young company developing an innovative technology that will change the way patients are monitored, thereby enabling better medical decisions in real time. BiPS Health fits our mission to create and develop companies to improve the human condition.”

About BiPS Health

BiPS Health’s innovative device constantly monitors various vital parameters, including blood pressure, blood oxygen saturation (SpO2), respiration rate and heart rate, using a sophisticated wearable system that regularly analyzes the information obtained from several sensors at the same time. The bracelet-like device rests comfortably on the wrist and is attached to the fingers. Designed to replace the current monitoring of hospitalized patients that is performed by nurses every eight hours, the BiPS device will enable reliable, continuous monitoring of blood pressure and other vital indicators.

“In the future hospitals will move from manual patient monitoring by the nurses to continuous automatic personal monitoring,” says BiPS CEO Ran Keren. “Our device is wearable and comfortable and able to measure the patient’s critical parameters with a unique technology developed by the company. This will dramatically improve treatment and the ability to detect deterioration in the patient’s condition hours before it actually occurs.”

The most dramatic medical innovation of BiPS lies in its ability to reliably measure blood pressure through the finger with its wearable device. The company’s initial target is hospitals;however, as patients are able to move freely with the BiPS device, it will suit telemedicine and the home-use market. The market potential of the bracelet is estimated at about 450,000 patients per year in the United States. BiPS’ technology also provides a solution to the pressure on nursing staff. According to various estimates, in 2020 there will be a shortage of more than 200,000 nurses in the United States.

About the Trendlines Medtech Open

More than 50 young companies applied for the Trendlines Medtech Open, 10 of which advanced to the finals. In addition to BiPS, Bio-immunate was the second-place winner; Impart Medical took third place. The remaining finalists: EfA-Engineering for All, LEV Medical, Obvislim, SmartAir, SpectAquilar Medical Imaging Systems, TcOmeter, and VESICA Therapeutics.

The competition was held in cooperation with prominent sponsors: B. Braun, CadenSee, Ernst & Young Israel, Geyra Gassner Patent Attorneys, OZ Global B2B, Pharmaseed, Q-Site, Shibolet & Co., Sunrise Projects, Taga Industrial Design, Vention Medical, and in partnership with the Israel Export Institute and Israel Advanced Technology Industries (IATI).

The Trendlines Medtech Open took place on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the Trendlines Medical incubator and marks it as the largest seed investment group in life sciences in Israel. In its recent Israel’s Life Sciences Industry Report 2017 (PDF), IATI ranked Trendlines as Israel’s most active life science investor in 2016.

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