BioFishency makes aquaculture accessible

Editor’s note: Abigail Klein Leichman of Israel 21c reported on BioFishency’s installations in “Israeli systems aiding fish farmers in Congo and Indonesia” (26 April 2017).

“The consumption of fish is good for food security. This is very significant because fisheries have a very much smaller footprint than other main sources of animal protein.” Manuel Barange, director of FAO Fisheries and Aquaculture Policy and Resources, as told to BBC News, 2016

Forecasts about food consumption indicate an additional 27 million tons of fish production will be required to maintain the present level of consumption in 2030. However, in 2013, the commercial wild fish stocks regularly monitored by the FAO were already overfished, meaning that routine fishing was unsustainable as it would lead to eventual depletion. Aquaculture meets the need.

Investors and entrepreneurs in the aquaculture space have woken up to the significant opportunities in this sector, and there has been an increase in technology-based companies and investments over the past few years.

The BioFishency all-in-one water filtration system at an installation in Israel.

The BioFishency all-in-one water filtration system at an installation in Israel.

BioFishency’s all-in-one water treatment system suits all infrastructures

BioFishency identified a “technology gap” in the aquaculture sector. The Company aims to bring high-end technology to low-cost aquaculture projects in the developing world.

The BioFishency Mini RAS system is designed to make highly effective water treatment accessible and appropriate for widespread use in land-based aquaculture in different types of water (fresh, brackish, and salty). The plug-and-play installation makes it extremely easy to set up and operate.

The system overcomes two key aquaculture challenges: limited water availability and build-up of toxic ammonia (excreted by the fish). At sites where the BioFishency system has been installed, there has been a proven a reduction in water consumption of up to 85% and a 2.5 increase in yield.

The Company believes its system will make a significant impact on the increase in fish production worldwide and seeks to increase its market reach in additional geographic areas. For information, contact BioFishency’s CTO Igal Magen.

These recent installations are similar to BioFishency installations in Israel, Bangladesh, and India.


BioFishency installed two of its systems in the Congo in March 2017. The first installation is on a farm located north of Brazzaville that produces 20 tons of African catfish (Clarias gariepinus) annually.

BioFishency installation in the Congo

In the Brazzaville installation, fish are grown in tanks with water temperatures between 28 and 31 °C. It is expected the fish will reach a market weight of 1 kilogram each.


According to BioFishency CTO Igal Magen, “because the Mini RAS system adapts well to a commercial fish-farming model, it addresses the social and economic needs of the community, including development of both employment and business opportunities for small-medium enterprises (SMEs).”


BioFishency installation in Indonesia

The BioFishency water filtration system was installed in Indonesia in April 2017. This aquaculture plant grows whiteleg shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei), also known as Pacific white shrimp. The shrimp are grown in sea water in extremely high-density conditions.


BioFishency installation at Kibbutz Lohamei Hagetaot in Israel

This installation, which was completed in February 2017 at Kibbutz Lohamei Hageta’ot, represents the first Mini RAS system installed in a commercial fish farm in Israel. “The 400 m3 facility is using our largest model water treatment system, the SPB 60, to grow hybrid striped bass,” says BioFishency’s Magen.

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