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AgriVest is 8 May 2018!

date 20-December-2017
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AgriVest brings together industry, business, and government to focus on opportunities for entrepreneurs, investors, and partners; agtech trends; and inventive solutions. 

The Israel-Ireland Agtech Connection

date 18-December-2017
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Nitza Kardish shares her observations from the panel at Agtech Nexus, the first agtech conference in Dublin.

Eli Cohen, Israel’s Minister of Economy, visits Trendlines

date 28-August-2017
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Israel’s Economy Minister and member of parliament, Eli Cohen visited Trendlines’ offices on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the establishment of the group.

CEO Lenore Shoham and CTO Gal Dvorkin of InPlant Technologies featured in AgFunder article

date 24-August-2017
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InPlant Technologies is a biotech startup intending to “improve the efficiency of agrochemicals and fertilizer, ultimately allowing the farmer to achieve better outcomes with smaller amounts of chemicals.

Saturas Founder & CEO Anat Halgoa Solomon featured in AgFunder article

date 24-August-2017
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Anat Halgoa Solomon is co-founder and CEO of Saturas, a precision irrigation sensor technology for permanent crops. Agfunder interviewed her in their series on women in agtech.

Trendlines Establishes China-Based China-Israel New Trend with Shoushan Wealth Holdings

date 23-August-2017
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The Joint Venture will assist Trendlines’ and other Israeli and Singaporean medical device companies with commercialization, manufacturing and other activities in China. 

AquiNovo Co-founder and Adviser Prof. Berta Levavi-Sivan Wins 2017 Kaye Innovation Award

date 14-June-2017
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AquiNovo’s co-founder and adviser to the Company, Prof. Berta Levavi-Sivan, is the 2017 recipient of the prestigious Kaye Innovation Award.

BioFishency Taps into the Shellfish Market

date 01-June-2017
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One of BioFishency’s recent installations in Bali, Indonesia, was for a shrimp farm.

Sol Chip Featured in People & Computers

date 17-November-2016
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At the offices of Sol Chip in Haifa, the action and bustle speak for themselves. The Company which, employs about 20 workers — more than half of them development, is in momentum.

Agtech Companies miRobot and EdenShield Featured in NoCamels

date 19-July-2016
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Trendlines Agtech portfolio companies miRobot and EdenShield are featured in this article in NoCamels.

E.T.View Medical Ltd. To Be Acquired by Ambu A/S

date 22-June-2016
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E.T.View Medical Ltd. (TASE: ETVW) signed a definitive agreement for its sale to Ambu A/S (CPH: AMBU-B), a Danish medical device company.

Feeding India with Fish

date 20-June-2016
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BioFishency, in cooperation with Israel’s UpGrade Solutions, successfully completed the first installation of its all-in-one filtration system at the Sultan Fish Farm near Delhi, India, as part of its effort to establish community fish farms. […]

Eran Feldhay Interviewed on Israeli Radio

date 19-June-2016
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Trendlines Medical CEO, Eran Feldhay, M.D., was interviewed on an Israeli radio station about start-ups in the country’s biomed industry.

Gordian Surgical Begins First-in-Human Trials

date 25-May-2016
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Portfolio company Gordian Surgical, recently began first-in-human (FIH) trials with its TroClose1200 ™, an innovative trocar with an integrated closure mechanism for the safe, easy, and effective suturing of incisions in the abdominal wall during laparoscopic surgery.

Fidmi Medical Appears on Israel Daily TV

date 31-March-2016
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Fidmi Medical CEO Shahar Millis describes the Company’s low-profile, enteral feeding device in this interview on Israel Daily TV.

Successful Field Trial Results for EdenShield’s GateKeeper System Precedes Sales in Israel

date 16-March-2016
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EdenShield is pleased to announce positive field trial results (Hebrew) from an independent study conducted by a contract research organization using the GateKeeper system on greenhouse tomatoes in Italy.

LapSpace Medical Receives CE Mark

date 08-March-2016
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The inflatable laparoscopic retractor developed by LapSpace Medical leaps to commercialization stage with the CE Mark.

Saturas Completes $1 Million Finance Round

date 24-February-2016
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Saturas, a precision-agriculture company developing a miniature stem water potential (SWP) sensor, recently announced the completion of a $1 million investment round.

Spotlight On: Protecting the Kidneys in Hospitalized Patients

date 18-January-2016
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About a third of patients hospitalized for heart failure suffer from kidney injury which results in worse outcomes and higher costs of hospitalized care.  When the heart cannot pump enough blood to meet the body’s […]

Spotlight On: A Blood Test for Early Diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease

date 12-January-2016
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By 2030, more than 65 million people worldwide are expected to have Alzheimer’s or a related dementia. NeuroQuest is working on an objective, accurate, cost-effective and practical tool for early diagnosis that will considerably improve treatment options and clinical outcomes.

Spotlight On: Delivering Protein from Edible Insects

date 10-January-2016
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High-protein food from sustainable sources and at affordable costs is needed to feed a growing world population. Steak TzarTzar has taken up the challenge.

Spotlight On: An Automated Control System for Wine Fermentation

date 28-December-2015
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The ancient art of winemaking meets the technological capabilities of the 21st century with Enolog’s automated system for reading, analyzing, and optimizing the fermentation of wine in the tank.

GreenSpense Nabs Prestigious New Product Innovation Award

date 21-December-2015
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GreenSpense, a portfolio company of The Trendlines Group, received the Sustainable Packaging New Product Innovation Award on November 17, 2015, at the Frost & Sullivan 2015 Excellence in Best Practices Awards in Frankfurt, Germany.

Trendlines Agtech Hosts “Open Day” (Open House)

date 01-December-2015
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Dozens of participants attended the Trendlines Agtech “open day” (open house), Entrepreneurship, Technology & Agriculture, on November 24.

Trendlines IPO Completed with Strong Investor Interest

date 26-November-2015
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Trendlines receives strong interest from investors during the road show; indications of interest from investors significantly exceeded the number of shares offered.

IonMed’s New Direction Documented in Israel21C

date 24-November-2015
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IonMed’s novel alternative to stitches, staples and sealants is well on its way to commercialization for applications including skin conditions.

Leviticus Cardio Achieves Successful Transcutaneous Coplanar Energy Transfer in Chronic Animal Model

date 18-November-2015
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Leviticus Cardio announces positive achievement of a preclinical study evaluating their transcutaneous Coplanar Energy Transfer (CET) system in a chronic animal model. The Company will be available at the “EUMS2015” meeting in Paris, December 3-5 to discuss the results of this pre-clinical chronic animal study.

Enolog Technologies Takes 2nd Place in Prestigious Israeli GITR Contest

date 15-November-2015
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Out of the many companies that applied, only eight companies (two in each of four categories) were chosen for the final round to take place on November 17, 2015.

Nitza Kardish Weighs in on the Future of Food in Forbes

date 15-November-2015
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Food experts are all but certain that we’ll soon be forced to find substitutes for our limited sources of animal protein. The solution, it turns out, is right under our noses and is already a familiar staple in parts of the developing world: bugs.

Who Moved My Tomato?

date 15-October-2015
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Articles on food security or the looming global food crisis generally state that by 2050 we will need to produce enough food to feed 9.7 billion people (UN Population Division). Recently, I felt we got a “taste” (so to speak) of what the actual crisis could look like.

ElastiMed Off to a Strong Start with $1 Million Investment

date 24-September-2015
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ElastiMed announced it raised $1 million, which includes an investment from Pix Vine Capital, a Singapore-based investment house.

Spotlight On: Safe Tube Feeding Device

date 05-July-2015
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The enteral feeding device from Fidmi Medical reduces many common complications associated with enteral nutrition (tube feeding) devices currently on the market. Fidmi’s device allows for easy insertion, replacement and removal, which substantially increases patient […]

S.T. Stent Completes $450,000 Raise

date 28-April-2015
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S.T. Stent completed a $450,000 raise toward development of its removable nasal stent for use following sinus surgery.

Lenore Shoham Answers 6 Questions about Screening Applications at Trendlines Agtech

date 13-April-2015
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Lenore Shoham, VP, New Ventures, Trendlines Agtech, screens hundreds of inquiries new agricultural technologies. What does she look for?

Spotlight On: Knee Repair Just Got Easier

date 04-January-2015
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Located inside the knee joint, the delicate meniscus is a C-shaped cartilage that acts as a shock absorber to cushion the knee. Arcuro Medical’s novel meniscus repair system is based on a technique in which the entire procedure is performed inside the joint space and requires just one entry into the joint. Read what motivated Lee Ranon, the Company’s CEO, to “fix” our knees.

Spotlight On: A “Clear” Accommodative Vision Solution

date 22-December-2014
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Nir Eliaz, CEO of VisiDome, took a few minutes to answer these questions about the product, the market, and entrepreneurship.

Spotlight On: The “Seeds” of Automated Plant Grafting

date 14-December-2014
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Robotic technology and a new grafting method under development by Virentes are poised to change the costly, labor intensive process of plant grafting. Yuval Fradkin, the company’s CEO, explains how his entrepreneurial idea “took root.”

BioFishency Featured in Israel Exporter

date 01-December-2014
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BioFishency together with Upgrade Solutions provide a complete, turnkey community fish farm solution, for the central farm and training center as well as for the satellite farms (backyard fish farms).

Endobetix’s Innovative Implant for Diabetes 2 Featured in e-Med and ITPortal

date 26-November-2014
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Endobetix began to investigate the phenomenon of people who underwent bariatric surgery and showed a significant improvement in the indices of diabetes a few days after surgery, before the patient lost any weight.

6 Questions about Screening Applications at Trendlines Medical

date 24-November-2014
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Trendlines Medical receives hundreds of new company inquiries annually.  As VP, New Ventures, Edit Goldberg screens these inquiries and is most often the first point of contact with the entrepreneurs, physicians or scientists behind the […]

Spotlight On: Nontoxic Insect Control Product for Greenhouse Crops

date 31-August-2014
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EdenShield has developed and is selling a nontoxic insect control product for greenhouse crops that is based on extracts of medicinal plants endemic to Israel’s desert. The first product is applied to greenhouse screens to […]

Start-Ups at the Forefront of Technological Development

date 28-August-2014
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Steve Rhodes, CEO & Chairman of The Trendlines Group, shares his views on the role of Israeli technological developments in Industry, a Hebrew-language magazine.

Migdal Insurance and Private Investors To Invest in ETView

date 24-June-2014
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ETView Medical signed an investment agreement with Migdal Insurance Company and a group of private investors in a NIS 7 million private placement.

Trendlines Featured in Times of Israel

date 23-June-2014
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Trendlines’ medical technology incubator was named the best incubator in Israel by the Office of the Chief Scientist (OCS). Two Trendlines’ portfolio companies — MitrAssist and Advanced Mem-Tech — were named best start-ups of the year by the OCS.

The Trendlines Group Update June 2014

… Trendlines Scores a Hat Trick at OCS Awards … Steve Rhodes To Address Agri Investment Forum … NeuroQuest To Open U.S. Headquarters … Metabolic Robots’ Founder Honored …

Trendlines Scores a Hat Trick at Israel’s Chief Scientist Awards

Trendlines Medical and two portfolio companies of The Trendlines Group keep Trendlines on its award-winning path.

Spotlight On: Reducing Contamination From Agrochemical Use

date 23-April-2014
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Catalyst AgTech is developing a technology to reduce environmental contamination from agrochemicals. Based on breakthrough research, Catalyst AgTech paves the way for improving agrochemical and pesticide use. In this interview, Shalom Nachshon, CEO of Catalyst […]

Spotlight On: Novel Catheter for Treating Peripheral Vascular Disease

date 02-April-2014
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Discover why doctors, investors, and medical device companies should keep their eyes on SiL Vascular.

Spotlight On: A Coating Platform for Food Packaging

date 18-February-2014
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Valentis, founded in 2013, is developing a coating platform for food packaging and other applications. We interviewed Dovy Segev, CEO of Valentis, to find out what makes Valentis a company the food and agritech markets should be […]

Spotlight On: Cloud-based Automated Poultry Feeding System

date 20-January-2014
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Metabolic Robots, founded in 2013, is developing a novel technology to provide poultry farmers with a system for automatic, real-time calibration of the amount and rate of feed dispensed. Dave Springer, CEO of Metabolic Robots, will present […]

Happy Tu B’Shevat — Celebrating Trees

date 16-January-2014
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This week, the team at Trendlines Agtech planted trees to mark the annual Tu B’Shevat holiday, which falls on January 16 this year. As the only agritech-focused start-up incubator in Israel, it is certainly fitting […]

Spotlight On: Improved Closure Solution for Abdominal Incisions

date 12-January-2014
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Gordian Surgical, founded in 2012, is developing a novel, two-in-one trocar with a built-in closure device that offers physicians a simple, safe, and cost-saving approach for opening and suturing abdominal incisions. Zvi Peer, CEO of Gordian […]

Bizrael Visits Trendlines

date 01-January-2014
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On Sunday, December 29, a group of young people from Bizrael visited our offices in Misgav. Todd Dollinger, Chairman and CEO of The Trendlines Group, gave an overview of how Trendlines invests in and supports entrepreneurs, and […]

Spotlight On: Water Sensors for Precision Irrigation

date 31-December-2013
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Saturas, founded in 2013,  is developing a miniature stem water potential sensor that can be embedded in the trunk of trees, vines, and plants to provide accurate information and enable farmers to optimize irrigation for […]

Say Goodbye to Surgical Stitches and Staples

date 26-December-2013
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IonMed’s cold plasma technology leads the way toward scar-free incision closure. This story was one of Israel21c’s most popular in 2013.

Spotlight On: A Novel Treatment For Type 2 Diabetes

date 26-December-2013
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Endobetix, founded by Chen Porat and Pierre Shavit in August 2012, is developing a minimally invasive, nonsurgical implant to treat type 2 diabetes and obesity that mimics the hormonal benefits offered by bariatric surgery (reducing […]

Spotlight On: Safer Epidural Procedures

date 19-December-2013
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Omeq Medical, founded by Lior Margalit and Oded Tsamir in April 2013, is developing a sensor-based epidural placement system for safe, accurate epidural injections. Their system will give automatic acoustic and visual signals to indicate […]

Vision Restoration Conference – December 11, 2013

date 07-November-2013
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Trendlines Medical is pleased to be a sponsor of the Vision Restoration Conference, organized by the Afeka Academic College of Engineering.


date 27-October-2013
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今年(2013年) 12月2-5日将在以色列举行为期四日的独特参访,在此盛事中,参加者能一览以色列世界领先的农业科技,前往此次旅程的投资者将出席12月3日的研讨会。


During World Food Month Look Toward Israel

date 15-October-2013
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As we commemorate World Food Month in October, there is much to be both sober and hopeful about.  About 870 million people are chronically undernourished worldwide.

Trendlines Medical U.S. Road Show October 14-18

date 15-September-2013
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We take periodic U.S. road shows to showcase our medical and agritech companies. Join us for our October events.

Baxter Buys Urine Monitoring Co FlowSense for $9.5m

date 10-September-2013
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The global healthcare company Baxter International (NYSE: BAX) acquired Trendlines portfolio company Flowsense Medical.

A Candid Discussion with Steve Rhodes

date 07-September-2013
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Steve Rhodes discusses Trendlines investment philosophy and the spirit of entrepreneurialism in Israel with Reza Akhlaghi of the Foreign Policy Association.

I Hear Dead People! New Voice-Cloning Technology Could Give New Life to Silenced Greats

date 04-September-2013
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Ever wonder what it would be like if you could “talk” to your great-great-great-grandchildren?

Omeq Medical in Globes

date 04-September-2013
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Omeq Medical was named on the “6 captivating start-ups of the past year” by Globes.

100% Market Penetration!

date 01-September-2013
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Steve Rhodes, Trendlines Chairman and CEO, asks: “What is the only product that is consumed by 100% of consumers?”

GreenSpense Set To Take Gas Out of Aerosols

date 29-August-2013
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Truth be told, the aerosol spray container hasn’t changed much in the last 60 years; that is, until now.

An Important Agritech Resource

date 29-August-2013
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Read more about IsraelAgri, the important resource for Israel’s world-leading agritech community.

PolyTouch Acquired by Covidien

date 30-April-2012
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Covidien buys hernia mesh company PolyTouch for $30 to $40 million.

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