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ApiFix featured in Canadian media

date 29-July-2018
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The ApiFix minimally invasive device and procedure to treat adolescent scoliosis was featured in Canada News Global and CBC.

Trendlines report: 10 companies to watch Q2 2018

date 26-July-2018
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Here is our 10 Companies To Watch report for Q2 2018.

OrthoSpin completes $3 million raise

date 23-July-2018
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OrthoSpin has completed a $3 million investment round for its smart, robotic external fixation system. Johnson & Johnson Innovation led the round.

The Trendlines Group Trendletter July 2018

… ViAqua receives investment … Haim Brosh appointed CFO … try the Hargol Caesar salad … the Trendlines team at conferences … Gordian and CoreBone on the road in China …

Omeq Medical featured in BioTuesdays

date 17-July-2018
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BioTuesdays featured the Omeq Medical’s smart device in “Omeq Medical revolutionizing epidural injection procedures.”

Trendlines appoints Haim Brosh CFO, Joint Co. Secretary & Compliance Officer

date 11-July-2018
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Haim Brosh has been appointed Trendlines CFO, Joint Company Secretary, and Compliance Officer.

ViAqua Therapeutics receives investment from Nutreco

date 04-July-2018
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ViAqua announced that it completed an investment round led by Nutreco NuFrontiers, the strategic innovation and investment arm of Nutreco Investments B.V., a global leader in animal nutrition and aquafeed.

ElastiMed featured in Springwise

date 29-June-2018
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Springwise featured ElastiMed’s compression stocking in “Smart socks to treat chronic venous disease.”

The Trendlines Group Trendletter June 2018

…  Meet Trendlines management in Singapore … Arcuro receives FDA … Omeq Med raising on Exit Valley … Save 6 June 2019 … FruitSpec a Radicle Challenge finalist …

Arcuro Medical receives FDA regulatory clearance

date 19-June-2018
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Arcuro Medical received clearance from the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for its SuperBall™ meniscus repair system.

Leviticus Cardio’s successful preclinical demonstrates wireless power to Jarvik 2000

date 18-June-2018
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Leviticus Cardio successfully completed an animal trial demonstrating wireless power to Jarvik 2000.

Leviticus Cardio and CorAlert featured in Israel21c

date 13-June-2018
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Leviticus Cardio and CorAlert were featured in this Israel 21c article.

Trendlines names Haim Brosh interim CFO

date 12-June-2018
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Haim Brosh, our company controller, has been named interim CFO effective 30 June 2018.

FruitSpec a finalist in the Radicle Automation Challenge

date 05-June-2018
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FruitSpec was chosen as one of four finalists in the Radicle Automation Challenge.

Omeq Medical CEO Lior Margalit interviewed on ILTV (video)

date 03-June-2018
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In this interview on Israel Daily TV (ILTV), Lior Margalit explains how the company’s smart epidural needle helps the physician achieve accurate placement in the epidural space.

Trendlines Incubators Israel enters cooperation agreement with Brazil’s Sirius Venture Capital

Trendlines Incubators Israel has entered into a cooperation agreement with Brazil’s Sirius Venture Capital e Participacoes Ltda.

OrthoSpin featured in Israel21c & on ILTV

date 30-May-2018
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OrthoSpin’s robotic external fixation system was the subject of this Israel 21c article and ILTV video.

The Trendlines Group Trendletter May 2018

… The most successful AgriVest … Q1 2018 results … Omeq Med on Exit Valley … U.S. patent for Arcuro Med … Hargol a SEAL winner … Conferences and more …

Fifth AgriVest conference mainstreams Israeli agrifood tech

Over 600 investors, industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and academics from more than 30 countries attended the 5th AgriVest conference on 8 May 2018 in Tel Aviv.

Trendlines report: 10 companies to watch Q1 2018

date 25-April-2018
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Here is our 10 Companies To Watch report for Q1 2018.

The Trendlines Group Trendletter April 2018

… B. Braun subsidiary named acquirer of Stimatix assets … Trendlines’ AGM 25 April … BioFishency completes $800,00 in sales … ElastiMed selected to receive $1.6 million grant …

BioFishency completes $800,000 in sales in 2018

date 16-April-2018
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BioFishency increased sales in Q1 2018 by 44% compared to sales in all of 2017.

Leviticus Cardio successfully completes long-term animal study

date 11-April-2018
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Leviticus Cardio successfully completed a long-term chronic animal study of its wireless power transfer for left ventricular assist devices (LVADs).

B. Braun Medical SAS announced as acquirer of Stimatix assets

date 09-April-2018
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B. Braun Medical SAS, a subsidiary company of the B. Braun Group, has acquired the assets of Stimatix, developers of low-profile colostomy management products.

ElastiMed chosen by Horizon 2020 to receive $1.6 million grant

date 03-April-2018
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ElastiMed has been chosen to receive a grant from the Horizon 2020 program as a part of the European Innovation Council (EIC) pilot.

The Trendlines Group Trendletter March 2018

… MOU with NuFrontiers … See our 2017 Annual Report … Saturas raises $4 million … Meet the AgriVest 2018 companies … OrthoSpin completes FIH … Agtech companies at AIPAC …

Trendlines signs MOU with Nutreco’s NuFrontiers

date 21-March-2018
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NuFrontiers is the strategic innovation and investment division of Nutreco, a global leader in animal nutrition and aquafeed.

liberDi featured in BioTuesdays

date 06-March-2018
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liberDi’s smart, portable, at-home dialysis system was featured in BioTuesdays.

Q&A with ZygoFix

date 06-March-2018
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ZygoFix CEO Ofer Levy explains how the Company’s zLOCK system meets the market need for simpler, less invasive procedures to alleviate back pain.

OrthoSpin completes successful first in human

date 01-March-2018
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OrthoSpin completed a successful first-in-human case of its robotic external fixation system.

Saturas raises $4 million

date 26-February-2018
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Saturas completed a $4 million raise from Hubei Forbon Technology, Ramat Magshimim, and Miguel Torres Winery.

The Trendlines Group Trendletter February 2018

… 10 companies to watch … 2017 earnings call … Trendlines Med Singapore in SGD100 million program … Register for AgriVest and save! … MetoMotion at World Agri-Tech …

Trendlines Medical Singapore and K2 Global selected for SGD100 million start-up program

date 08-February-2018
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SPRING SEEDS Capital taps Trendlines Medical Singapore and K2 Global to collaborate in its SGD100 million investment allocation for tech start-ups.

Trendlines Medical Singapore participates in new initiative, i2Start

date 24-January-2018
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Trendlines Medical Singapore participates in the launch event of a new initiative, i2Start.

Trendlines report: 10 companies to watch Q4 2017

date 18-January-2018
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Here is our 10 companies to watch report for Q4 2017.

The Trendlines Group Trendletter January 2018

… CoreBone crowdfunds $482,500 … ST Stent receives FDA … ApiFix names new CEO and chairman … Hargol is a top agtech start-up to watch … Welcome two new portfolio companies …

The 83-year-old inventor of the Saturas sensor featured in Haaretz

date 12-January-2018
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Agriculturalist and researcher Moshe Meron, Ph.D., invented the Saturas stem water potential sensor that measures the amount of fluid in the trees, plants, and vines.

CoreBone is an “Israeli success story”

date 11-January-2018
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CoreBone appeared as an “Israeli success story” on ynet, the Hebrew-language news site.

S.T. Stent receives FDA clearance

date 08-January-2018
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S.T. Stent, developers of a removable stent for use following sinus surgery, receives FDA clearance.

ApiFix announces new leadership

date 02-January-2018
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ApiFix names Ed Roschak as its new chairman and appoints industry veteran Paul Mraz as company president and CEO.

ElastiMed appears in NoCamels

date 31-December-2017
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ElastiMed was the subject of the No Camels article, “Israeli Startup’s ‘Smart’ Socks Set To Hit Market Next Year.”

Steve Rhodes interviewed on IsraelCast

date 21-December-2017
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Listen to Steve’s interview about cutting-edge technology, Israel, and the Galilee on the IsraelCast podcast.

CoreBone’s Ohad Schwartz interviewed on Start-Up Stadium

date 14-December-2017
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CoreBone CEO Ohad Schwartz was interviewed on Israel’s Start-Up Stadium.

The Trendlines Group Trendletter December 2017

… Raises for Magdent and AquiNovo … CoreBone’s crowdfunding … Welcome AlgaHealth … Takeaways from TechFest Vietnam and Fish 2.0 … We won Best IR …

Opportunities & Challenges at Fish 2.0

date 10-December-2017
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ViAqua CEO Shai Ufaz shares two important takeaways from his presentation at Fish 2.0.

Trendlines wins Best IR award

date 05-December-2017
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IR Magazine awarded Trendlines its Best IR by an SGX Catalist company at the IR Magazine Awards Forum & Conference for South East Asia.

Magdent raises $1.75 million

date 04-December-2017
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Magdent completes a $1.75 million raise from angel investors, including a well-known industrialist.

AquiNovo raises $1.5 million from Neovia

date 28-November-2017
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AquiNovo receives $1.5 million investment from Neovia, a world leader in animal nutrition and health.

ElastiMed’s Omer Zelka interviewed on Start-Up Stadium

date 26-November-2017
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ElastiMed CEO Omer Zelka was interviewed on Israel’s Start-Up Stadium.

Hargol FoodTech named a 2017 FOOD VISION TRAILBLAZER

date 21-November-2017
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As one of the 2017 trailblazers, Hargol FoodTech will take center stage on the opening night of Food Vision USA, 13 November in Chicago.

Hargol FoodTech CEO Dror Tamir interviewed on ILTV (video)

date 21-November-2017
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In this interview on Israel Daily TV (ILTV), Hargol FoodTech CEO Gadi Har-shai explains how Hargol has optimized methods for growing large quantities of grasshoppers quickly.

My 3 Takeaways from TechFest Vietnam 2017

date 19-November-2017
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I had the opportunity to present at TechFest Vietnam 2017 in Hanoi. Here are my three takeaways.

Valentis Nanotech CEO Zvika Weiss interviewed on ILTV (video)

date 19-November-2017
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Valentis Nanotech CEO Zvika Weiss describes the company’s new materials with unique properties using nanoparticles in this interview on Israel Daily TV (ILTV).

Trendlines Enters into MOU with Singapore’s National Healthcare Group

The purpose of the MOU is to establish a partnership and co-develop innovative healthcare solutions.

EdenShield CEO Yotam Gadot interviewed on ILTV (Video)

date 15-November-2017
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EdenShield’s CEO Yotam Gadot describes the company’s nontoxic biopesticides in this interview on Israel Daily TV (ILTV).

The Trendlines Group Trendletter November 2017

… Exit #8 for Trendlines … Trendlines raises S$14 million in new capital … Call for companies: AgriVest 2018 … MiRobot named Innovative Company … Report from International Ag Exhibition …

Exit #8 for Trendlines: MitrAssist

date 13-November-2017
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Trendlines’ holdings in MitrAssist were sold to Wai Tech Holding Ltd.

MiRobot featured in The Daily Beast

date 13-November-2017
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MiRobot is the subject of “The Robotic Dairy Farms Paving the Way for Big Milk” on The Daily Beast.

VP Trendlines Agtech Jonathan Henen presents at International Agriculture Exhibition

date 12-November-2017
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I presented to about 100 participants at the Korea-Israel Smart Agritech Workshop, which was part of the 2017 International Agriculture Exhibition in South Korea.

Eric Loh and Trendlines Medical Singapore featured in SPRINGnews

date 30-October-2017
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Trendlines Medical Singapore was the subject of a feature article in SPRINGnews.

Hargol wins Tel Aviv Creator Award

date 27-October-2017
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Hargol FoodTech wins the Tel Aviv Creator Award.

Trendlines raises S$14.03 million through placement of new shares

date 25-October-2017
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Subscribers include cornerstone investor B. Braun and prominent institutional and corporate investors.

The Trendlines Group Trendletter October 2017

… 4 companies raise $7 million … Signed MOU with Haier HCH … Welcome to 3 new portfolio companies … Awards for Hargol, ViAqua, and Zygofix … Companies in the media …

Trendlines report: 10 companies to watch Q3 2017

date 22-October-2017
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Here is our 10 companies to watch report for Q3 2017.

Trendlines Medical Singapore makes first investment

date 16-October-2017
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The device under development by medical start-up InterVaal addresses the widespread problem of catheter-associated urinary tract infection (CAUTI).

Vensica raises $2 million

date 03-October-2017
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Cogentix Medical invests $2 million in Vensica.

Hargol in ThinkBusiness

date 27-September-2017
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ThinkBusiness lists Hargol FoodTech as one of 10 “companies …that are playing a part in the Agtech revolution.”

Fidmi Medical raises $2 million

date 26-September-2017
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Fidmi Medical received an investment of $2 million from B. Braun Melsungen AG.

ElastiMed raises $1 million

date 25-September-2017
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ElastiMed raised $1 million from a strategic investor, existing investors, new private investors, and the Israeli Innovation Authority.

Trendlines and Haier sign MOU

Trendlines and Haier signed an MOU to collaborate on investment opportunities and technology development.

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