Arcuro Medical Completes $670,000 Finance Round

Israeli orthopedic start-up receives investment from large Chinese medical company and private U.S. angel investors.

Portfolio company Arcuro Medical announced this week that it completed an investment round of $670,000 from the Chinese medical company Naton Medical Group and U.S. angel investors.

Lee Ranon, Arcuro Medical

Arcuro Medical CEO Lee Ranon presents at a Trendlines event.

Arcuro, a start-up in the orthopedics field, is developing a novel meniscus repair system. (The meniscus is a C-shaped cartilage located in the knee joint and acts as a shock-absorber and cushions the joint.) Professional athletes — and up to 60% of the population over 65 — suffer from tears in the meniscus.

The market seeks better solutions for meniscus repair as current options have shortcomings.

  • Rigid implants obstruct functionality.
  • Difficult-to-use delivery systems lead to poor repair quality, intraoperative failure, and the risk of permanent damage to both the meniscus and surrounding cartilage.

The Arcuro solution addresses these shortcomings by utilizing a technique in which the entire procedure is performed inside the joint space, with just one entry into the joint. The system includes an all-suture implant that eliminates the risk of damaging the meniscus and the knee joint. This innovative delivery system allows an easy procedure for every surgeon and the knotless all-suture implant preserves meniscus functionality.

Lee Ranon, CEO of Arcuro, says: “Arcuro is extremely pleased with the investment round, which is a vote of confidence by these investors in our technology. It will allow us to complete development and the regulatory process. Additionally, the relationship with a large Chinese orthopedic company represents a tremendous asset for Arcuro.“

Dr. Fuqiang Zhao, Deputy General Manager of the Department of Planning and Development, Naton Medical Group, noted: “Naton believes that Arcuro’s innovative meniscal repair technique will dramatically assist the recovery of sports injury patients worldwide. In addition to investment funds, Naton also brings information, support, and expertise from the Chinese market. We plan to work together with Arcuro for comprehensive cooperation in the development of the Chinese market.”

Arcuro Medical is available to meet at the Trendlines Medical booth (#30) during the upcoming Biomed Conference, 24-26 May, Tel Aviv, Israel.

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