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Editor’s note: Hebrew University Professor and adviser to portfolio company AquiNovo Berta Levavi-Sivan received the Kaye Innovation Award in 2017.

Israeli Researcher Proposes To End World Hunger With Bigger Fish

Kaye Award winner and AquiNovo

Kaye Innovation Award recipient Prof. Berta Levavi-Sivan (center) with Nitza Kardish, CEO Trendlines Incubators Israel (left), and AquiNovo CEO Nissim Chen (right).

By Einat Paz-Frankel, NoCamels (17 August 2017)

Could this be the solution to world hunger? An Israeli researcher has found a new way to grow larger fish and feed the ever-expanding world population.

While wild fisheries have been on the decline for the last 20 years, aquaculture, or fish farming, is the fastest growing food-producing sector in the world, and will play an increasingly vital role in our planet’s food resources in the years to come.

One of the challenges to aquaculture is that reproduction, as an energy-intensive endeavor, makes fish grow more slowly. To solve this problem, Prof. Berta Levavi-Sivan of Israel’s Hebrew University identified tiny molecules named “Neurokinin B” (NKB) and “Neurokinin F” (NKF) that are secreted by the brains of fish and play a crucial role in their reproduction. Levavi-Sivan, a specialist in aquaculture, then developed molecules that neutralize the effect of NKB and NKF (which inhibit fish reproduction) to increase growth rates.

Read the full article on NoCamels.

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