ApiFix Scoliosis Treatment Featured in MedTech Intelligence

Non-Fusion Alternative a Promising Treatment for Adolescent Scoliosis

By Maria Fontanazza, MedTech Intelligence (5 April 2016)

ApiFix ratchet system for scoliosis treatment

The ApiFix non-fusion treatment for AIS “can make a significant difference” in patients’ lives.

Adolescent idiopathic scoliosis (AIS), a condition that causes the spine to curve sideways, is stressful and debilitating, hindering the activity and well being of tens of thousands of children worldwide. AIS affects about 2% of the pediatric population, with 1 in 1000 cases requiring surgery (surgery is recommended when the spinal curve progresses such that it needs correction, which is generally at 40 to 60 degrees), according to Ted Bird, chairman of the board at Israel-based ApiFix, Ltd., a company developing technology to treat AIS. Bird adds that globally, the number of children who have spinal curves that require surgery approaches 40,000; about 7500 of those children live in the United States. The condition is more prevalent in teenage girls.

As a non-fusion alternative, the technology preserves spinal mobility and can make a significant difference in patient lives, as they spend less time in the hospital and experience a faster rate of recovery. “It’s dramatically different and new in a field that hasn’t changed in 30 years,” says Bird, who spoke with MedTech Intelligence about the development of the ApiFix system and the company’s plans to bring the technology to the U.S. market within the next year.

Read the full article on MedTech Intelligence.

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