Why Israel

In their bestselling book Start-Up Nation, Dan Senor and Saul Singer trace Israel’s “economic miracle.” Their claim: Looking at things from a “different perspective” started Israel on its way to becoming an innovation leader.

Tiny Dynamo by Marcella Rosen traces how Israeli start-ups are quietly changing the world. “Acre-for-acre, person-for-person, no place is innovating more than Israel,” writes one reviewer.

We think these three factors give Israel — and Israelis — their different perspective to quietly change the world.

1. Necessity is the mother of all invention.
With almost no natural resources, and situated in a water-challenged area (and in a generally unfriendly “neighborhood”), Israeli ingenuity has made the desert bloom and the country secure.

2. Welcome to a real melting pot.
Absorbing wave after wave of immigrants from all over the world not only stretched existing infrastructure but required fresh ideas, such as new models in business incubation.  Who is more an entrepreneur than the immigrant?

3. The search for partners and collaboration goes global.
Strong institutions such as the army encourage networking and team work. The start-up community at large naturally looks beyond Israel’s borders to partner with international players.

7 Things You Always Wanted To Know about Israel

    1. Founded: 1948
    2. Area: 20,770 sq km (slightly larger than New Jersey); 470 km long; 273 km coastline; 13.7% arable land
    3. Population: 8 million (91% of population in urban areas)
    4. Currency: New Israeli Shekel
    5. Largest company: Teva Pharmaceuticals
    6. Israeli inventions: capsule endoscopy (Given Imaging), drip irrigation (Netafim), epilator (EpiLady), disk on key (M-Systems), social navigation (Waze), instant messaging (ICQ), MS drug Copaxone (Teva)
    7. Little known fact: #1 investor in R&D as percentage of GDP (4.8%)


Sources: CIA World Factbook, Israel21c, OECD Factbook, Times Higher Education (2012-2013), Wikipedia Global Competitiveness Report and Index.

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