Our Team

Our highly experienced, professional staff of 40 employees in Israel, Singapore, and China bring wide-ranging skills in business, finance, technology and engineering, sales and marketing, law, communications, and operations. From day one, we are intensely involved in our early-stage medical and agtech companies and the entrepreneurs that lead them, assisting and guiding with business and technology development, finance, marketing communications, and administration.

Facilities: We have two offices in Israel (headquarters in the Western Galilee and in the Tel Aviv area) and an office in Singapore. Our young companies are located in our facilities for the critical first two to three years, keeping expenses low and the entrepreneurial environment high.

Senior Management

Trendlines’ senior management July 2017 (l to r): Moshe Katzenelson (VP Bus Dev), Todd Dollinger and Steve Rhodes (Chairmen & CEOs), Haim Brosh (CFO, Joint Co. Sec’y & Compliance Officer), Nitza Kardish (CEO Trendlines Incubators Israel), Eric Loh (CEO Trendlines Medical Singapore), Yosi Hazan (CEO Trendlines Labs)

VPs & Directors

Barak Singer, VP Business Development, Trendlines Medical

Barak Singer, Trendlines Medical, VP Business Development

Yuval Almougy, Trendlines Medical VP New Ventures

Yuval Almougy, Trendlines Medical, VP New Ventures

Sarai Kemp, Trendlines Agtech VP Business Development

Sarai Kemp, Trendlines Agtech, VP Business Development

VP Trendlines Agtech, Bayer Trendlines Ag Innovation Fund, Jonathan Henen

Jonathan Henen,  VP Trendlines Agtech, Bayer Trendlines Ag Innovation Fund

Nir Goldenberg, Trendlines Labs VP Business Development

Nir Goldenberg, Trendlines Labs, VP Business Development

Trendlines Labs CTO Avshalom Shenhav, PhD

Avshalom Shenhav, PhD, Trendlines Labs, CTO

Lionel Lim, Director, Business Ventures, Trendlines Medical Singapore

Lionel Lim, Trendlines Medical Singapore, Director, Business Ventures

Evelynn Chong

Evelynn Chong, Trendlines Medical Singapore, Manager, Finance & Operations

Eunice Chew

Eunice Chew, Trendlines Medical Singapore, Manager, Business Development

Eddy Wang, Director Trendlines China

Eddy Wang, Trendlines China Office, Director

Shahar Harari, CTO, Trendlines

Shahar Harari, Trendlines Group, CTO

Irit Shemesh-Catz, Director of Operations

Irit Shemesh-Catz, Trendlines Group, Director of Operations


Maya Schushan Orgad, PhD, VP Bayer Trendlines Ag Innovation Fund, VP Trendlines Agtech,



The Trendlines Group -- December 2017

Time out for a group picture in the hallway of our Misgav headquarters (December 2017)


Trendlines operations team -- December 2017

Trendlines Operations team (l to r): Todd Dollinger (Trendlines Group Chairman and CEO), Iris Shdema (Executive Assistant), Irit Shemesh-Catz (Director of Operations), Candela Gabay (Purchasing), Gitit Hasidian (Administration)


Trendlines marketing communications team -- December 2017

Trendlines Investor Relations & Marketing Communications team (l to r): Steve Rhodes (Trendlines Group Chairman and CEO), Shira Zimmerman, Karen Kozek

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