1991 Steve Rhodes and Todd Dollinger meet while working at a medical device start-up on Shorashim, a small community in Israel’s Western Galilee, where they still live today with their families.

1993 Todd and Steve start Trendlines International, a business development consultancy focused on guiding Israeli companies and entrepreneurs in the complexities of the U.S. market.

1996 Steve joins board of directors of the Misgav Technology Center (now Trendlines Medical), a government-licensed business incubator.

2000 Trendlines International grows to become the largest business development firm in Israel addressing the U.S. market.

2007 Todd and Steve establish The Trendlines Group Ltd. to acquire the Mofet B’Yehuda Accelerator (now Trendlines Agtech) and Trendlines Medical. The Trendlines Group is awarded the licenses from the Israeli government for both technological incubators.

2008 The Trendlines Group absorbs Trendlines International’s consulting team.

2009 The company’s vision, “Creating and developing companies to improve the human condition,” emerges as Trendlines completes its evolution from consulting to investing.

Trendlines builds new offices in the Misgav Business Park for The Trendlines Group and Trendlines Medical.

2010 Trendlines organizes 1st Annual Trendlines Investment Event in Israel, featuring 22 companies and 100 investors.

Trendlines Medical awarded “Best Incubator” by Israel’s Office of the Chief Scientist of the Ministry of Economy.

Portfolio companies ETView and FlowSense go public on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.

2011 Organizes 1st Trendlines-sponsored U.S. Road Show: 14 portfolio companies, 4 cities, 4 events, ~150 participants.

Trendlines Agtech adopts new strategic focus on agricultural technologies (agritech), the only agritech-focused business incubator in Israel.

Establishes Trendlines Labs as in-house “invention factory” to invent products and technologies to resolve unmet medical and agricultural needs for Trendlines and its multinational strategic partners.

Portfolio company PolyTouch Medical acquired by Covidien.

2012 Establishes 1st Agrivest conference, Israel’s premier agtech industry event.

Organizes 2nd Trendlines-sponsored U.S. Road Show: 13 portfolio companies, 5 cities, 8 events, ~200 participants.

Organizes and hosts 3rd Annual Investment Event in Israel: 21 medical and agtech portfolio companies, ~250 participants.

Israeli government names portfolio company Stimatix GI “Best Start-Up of the Year.”

2013 Changes names of the venture accelerators to Trendlines Medical and Trendlines Agtech.

Builds new Trendlines Agtech offices, expands Tel Aviv meeting center, and expands Misgav-area corporate headquarters to accommodate the growth of Trendlines Medical and Trendlines Labs.

Israeli government names portfolio companies ApiFix and Sol Chip Outstanding Start-Up of the Year.

Baxter International acquires portfolio company FlowSense.

Teleflex acquires portfolio company Innolap.

Medical portfolio company receives investment from a Chinese venture firm, the first Chinese investment in a Trendlines company.

Organizes U.S. road show for agritech companies: 5 companies, 5 cities. See the photo gallery.

Organizes U.S. road show for medical companies in cooperation with OurCrowd: 4 companies, 6 cities. See the photo gallery.

Organizes 2nd Agrivest conference — more than 250 attendees. See the photo gallery.

Establishes 9 new portfolio companies.

2014 Organizes and hosts 4th Annual Investment Event in Israel: 17 medical and agtech portfolio companies, ~250 participants.

Israeli government names MitrAssist and Advanced Mem-Tech Outstanding Start-Ups of the Year and Trendlines Medical as Best Incubator (for the 2nd time).

OPKO acquires portfolio company Inspiro Medical. And another exit (undisclosed).

26 portfolio companies complete raises with Israeli, American, Canadian, Chinese, and European investors.

Establishes 7 new portfolio companies.

Todd Dollinger and Steve Rhodes receive Global Business Development Award from the American Society of Haifa University.

2015  Organizes and hosts 5th Annual Company Showcase: 13 medical and agritech portfolio companies, 350 participants.

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