Not A Venture Firm

We say that we’re not a venture firm.

As investors managing a portfolio of some 50 companies, we spend our time looking at new investment opportunities to see how we can invest in and continue to create, develop, and support innovation-based Israeli companies with passionate Israeli inventors and entrepreneurs.

Many of the opportunities we see come through the strength of the Trendlines name as a leader in medical and agritech early-stage investments. But what’s at the core that makes us a different kind of investor? We’ve boiled it down to these five reasons.

1. Our Model

For us, investment doesn’t end when we write the check. It starts with our involvement. We’re not just active investors, we’re intense investors, actively involved and supporting our companies from (before) Day 1.

Unlike other firms, our portfolio companies are actually physically located in our facilities, producing a one-of-a-kind entrepreneurial environment that lends itself to the free flow of ideas and collaboration.

2. A Solid Management Team

The 22-year business partnership behind The Trendlines Group is based on the strength of Steve Rhodes and Todd Dollinger’s 70 years of combined experience in business, sales, marketing, investing, banking, and finance. Since 1991, these trailblazers in Israel’s start-up investment landscape have been recognized for their expertise, experience, and knowledge.

3. Our Terrific, Dedicated Team

Our 30+ employees work together to build our portfolio and support our companies by providing professional business and technology development, marketing, investment banking, finance, and administrative services. Like our companies, our in-house teams sit inside our facilities.

4. An Established Portfolio

Both Trendlines Medical and Trendlines Agtech are recognized as the “places to be” for medical and agricultural technologies, respectively. We see and review more than 400 investment opportunities in these sectors every year, starting 8 to 10 new companies annually.

5. Our Successful Track Record

The numbers speak for themselves: Since 2007, Trendlines’ portfolio companies have raised >$160 million*. We have 43 companies in our portfolio** and had 6 exits in the last 3 years. We took 2 companies public, won 5 Best Company*** awards, and 2 Best Incubator** awards.

Our commitment to the people associated with our organization, the people who invest in our companies, and the people who lead them makes us the different venture firm.


* Not including extensive government funding
** As of February 2015
***Israel’s Office of the Chief Scientist of the Ministry of Economy

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