100% Market Penetration!

By Steve Rhodes, Chairman and CEO, The Trendlines Group

What is the only product that is consumed by 100% of consumers? If you answered, “Food,” then you answered correctly.

Despite this universal product need, the market has failed to keep up and, as a result, feeding the world’s growing population presents a tremendous challenge for the coming decades. The solution to the large gap between supply and demand will only be met by new technologies that improve agricultural yields, product shelf life, and distribution. All this must be accomplished without increasing costs or the environmental “footprint” of farming.

The mismatch between demand and supply creates tremendous commercial potential, while also providing an unprecedented opportunity “to improve the human condition,” our mission.  The Trendlines Group is committed to starting world-class companies to address these needs.

Last month, I traveled to the United States with five young Trendlines’ agritech portfolio companies on our first-ever ag-focused road show.  During the jam-packed five-day trip, we traveled to six cities — NYC, Detroit, Denver, Boulder, St. Louis, and Memphis — and met with almost 300 people. The results, and the reaction to the companies, exceeded our wildest expectations. The level of interest from angels, venture capitalists, and strategics was amazing. Industry leaders in attendance reported that the consistent quality of the companies far surpassed their expectations.  At the end of the week, a reporter commented to me, “I have a feeling that five years from now people will look back on this trip as a turning point for the Israeli agtech industry.”

I wrapped up my U.S. trip by participating in the Global Agtech Investment Summit in New York.  Here are some of the highlights.

Top VCs, including Kleiner Perkins and Andreessen Horowitz, are actively looking at the agritech space.

Precision agriculture is being touted as “the next big thing,” with Piper Jaffray projecting that this $1.5 billion market will increase 10% to 15% annually for at least the next five years.

A leading U.S. venture capitalist told me he has never before seen such a large gap between the market needs and the available technologies, and suggested that this creates unprecedented opportunities for investors.

Everywhere we went people expressed interest in joining us for the Agrivest™ Conference and tour in December. Join us in leading the way.

This article was reprinted on IsraelAgri and an excerpt appeared on the GreenSoil Investments website.

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